Is Ruby on Rails suitable for Enterprise App Development in 2022?


Enterprise applications are proliferating. Research estimates that $672 billion will be the global spending on enterprise software by the end of 2022, an increase of over 10% from the previous year. Such large scale development only takes place when the technology to create it is perfect: and Ruby on Rails for enterprise app development has shown promising […]

Why choose Python for Website Development in 2022


Python has been around for a long while, and we can say with zero traces of uncertainty that it is one of the most well-known programming languages today. As a matter of fact, it has been the #1 coding language throughout the previous five years. Python for software development is the engineers’ number one for […]

Is Java good for Machine Learning and Data Science?


AI, Data Science, Machine Learning services, and Natural Language Processing have been the absolute most discussed innovations lately, which is all well and good. These headways in the tech realm have taken robotization and business processes to a higher level. Enterprises of all sizes are putting a large number of dollars into exploration and teams […]

What are Some of the Best Java Web Application Frameworks in 2022?


Do you realize that more than 50 million sites, including a few most famous ones like Google, LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon, and Stack Overflow, are composed widely of which language? The response isn’t anything other than the most well-known Java web development. Java just arrived at its Silver Anniversary, yet at the same time ruling the […]

Some Steps to Troubleshoot SQL Server Problems


We all face different problems in our life from time to time. While taking essential steps to solve the problems, you also need to identify the root cause of the problem. In such situations, you need to consider various aspects and work as a CSI to uncover the cause of the problem. But the problems […]

The Best FinTech Development Technology Stack in 2022


GlobeNewsWire suggests that the FinTech market will reach $305 billion by 2025. Along with that, the consumer adoption rate was 75% for money transfers and payments worldwide. The rise in FinTech definitely calls for a close examination of what makes it possible. Technology is a major driver, some would say the only driver, in digitizing finance. FinTech app development focuses on […]

8 Best Examples of Companies using Python Programming


Python was the third most used programming language in 2021, with a market share of 48.24%. Python development enables enterprises to build scalable, complex, and high-performance solutions. The simple yet powerful Python programming language offers flexible application development. It is open-source, productive, and efficient. Today, almost every enterprise software development company offers Python in one way or the other. Python has […]

How Agile Benefits Custom Software Development in 2022


Organizations all over the world are embracing more current ways of tending to custom business requirements. An assortment of strategies can be utilized to foster exceptional custom enterprise software to solutions that meet specific business necessities. We know that there are choices accessible for organizations like off-the-shelf applications or custom applications or some other method […]