Python was the third most used programming language in 2021, with a market share of 48.24%. Python development enables enterprises to build scalable, complex, and high-performance solutions.

The simple yet powerful Python programming language offers flexible application development. It is open-source, productive, and efficient. Today, almost every enterprise software development company offers Python in one way or the other.

Python has use cases in multiple domains in industries. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are some of the popular use cases of Python application development.

Today, whether it’s a startup or an enterprise, every type of company considers Python app development for data-based applications. Python is similar to the English language, simplifying the process of coding the applications. Any Python development company would recommend the programming language because of its ease of use.

This article will highlight the 8 best Python programming examples. The list comprises companies – big to small, which utilize Python in their technology stack.

8 Best Python Programming Examples 

There are hundreds of companies using Python for app development. They function in multiple industries, including FinTech, HealthTech, E-commerce, Supply Chain, New Economy, Real Estate, Social Networking, and many more. Most of all – some of the world’s biggest IT companies and consumer-focused platforms benefit from Python development services.

Here are the top 8 best Python programming examples to know- 

  1. Google:
    • Ideally, Google needs practically zero introduction. Truth be told, it’s genuinely safe to say that you’re utilizing a result of Google, whether that is your web crawler, internet browser, or both.
    • Python is one of Google’s true server-side programming languages, alongside C++, Java, and Go. Peter Norvig, the head of examination at Google and previous overseer of search quality, keeps up with that, “Python has been a significant component of Google from the start, and remains so as the technology develops and advances.”
    • Google uses Python for YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing site.
  2. Facebook:
    • Facebook production engineers are outstandingly enthusiastic about Python, making it the third most famous language at the web-based entertainment company (simply behind C++ and their restrictive PHP language, Hack).
    • By and large, there are more than 5,000 commits on utilities and services at Facebook, monitoring framework, binary dispersion, equipment imaging, and functional automation.
    • The simplicity of utilizing Python libraries implies that the production engineers don’t need to compose or maintain as much code, permitting them to focus on getting updates live.
    • Hiring a Python development company in India will offer enterprises & startups the same advantages that Facebook gets from using Python.
  3. Uber:
    • Uber, a global organization that allows you to book rides to your destinations, utilizes Python alongside Node.js, Java, and Go at the lower levels. The vast majority of the services for its users are as yet fueled by Python, including the business rationale and every one of the estimations that occur.
    • This includes the middle and high levels, for example, working out ETA, ride passages, ascertaining the geo-areas, and the demand and supply.
    • Uber professes to utilize Tornado with Python yet frequently trades that with Go to accomplish better throughput concerning concurrency.
  4. Spotify:
    • This music streaming company is an immense defender of Python, utilizing the language basically for data examination and back-end services. The explanation that the services are written in Python is on the grounds that Spotify likes how quick the improvement pipeline is while composing and coding in Python.
    • To give ideas and suggestions to its users, Spotify depends on an enormous volume of examination. To decipher these, Spotify utilizes Luigi, a Python module that synchronizes with Hadoop.
    • Altogether, Spotify utilizes more than 6000 individual Python processes that cooperate over the nodes of the Hadoop bunch.
  5. Instagram:
    • Instagram is an image and video-sharing online entertainment platform offered by Facebook, Inc. It is one of the most well-known organizations that use Python language in relationship with Django, and lately, Instagram has embraced Python.
    • The excellent justification for Instagram to decide on Python is its productivity, straightforwardness, and common sense. For any flourishing organization, these details are outstandingly important.
    • It is an ‘amicable’ language to engineers, which allows them to zero in on suitable elements. Instagram considered changing to PHP, yet after a few contemplations, they detected that Python would serve them best.
  6. Dropbox:
    • Dropbox is a cloud-based data storing service to store all your photographs, recordings, archives, and documents, and its whole tech stack is composed of Python.
    • In 2012 Dropbox persuaded Rossum, the innovator of Python, to join Dropbox, who then directed them working there as a specialist and assisted the Python developers with distributing datastores. It can be imparted to the individuals from the Dropbox people team.
    • Since a ton of Dropbox’s libraries aren’t open-source, it is challenging to examine their degree of reliance on Python yet it is noted from large numbers of the meetings with their developers that a greater part of their code on the server-side is written in Python.
  7. Quora:
    • This immense publicly supported Q & A stage considered what language they needed to use to execute their idea. The pioneers behind Quora took their lead from Google, deciding to utilize Python where they could, on account of its simplicity of writing code and meaningfulness, and executed C++ for the presentation of basic areas.
    • They got around Python’s absence of type checking by creating unit tests that achieve a lot of exactly the same thing. One more key thought for utilizing Python was the presence of a few decent frameworks at the time, including Django and Pylons.
  8. Netflix:
    • Netflix implements Python very much like Spotify, depending on the language to control its data analysis on the server-side. It doesn’t stop there, nonetheless. Netflix allows its developers to pick what language to code in and has seen a huge upsurge in the quantity of Python applications.
    • When overviewed, Netflix engineers refer to the standard library, the very dynamic Python community, and the rich assortment of outsider libraries accessible to tackle almost any given issue.
    • Also, on the grounds that Python is so natural to write, it has turned into a key part in a large number of Netflix’s different services.


Apart from the above companies, there are hundreds of giants and enterprises that use Python in their technology stack. Reddit, Pinterest, Nasa, and Lyft, are a few more examples of companies that rely on Python programming.

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