Enterprise applications are proliferating. Research estimates that $672 billion will be the global spending on enterprise software by the end of 2022, an increase of over 10% from the previous year.

Such large scale development only takes place when the technology to create it is perfect: and Ruby on Rails for enterprise app development has shown promising results.

What we are looking at is a new dawn of Ruby on Rails enterprise app development. While Rails was and still is, a perfect MVP technology, it is a popular choice for enterprise apps as well.

Large Scale Application Design in Ruby on Rails

Enterprise apps are basically the internal solutions that companies utilize to streamline their operations. They are mission critical solutions to achieve the desired outcomes through digital means. These include ERP systems, CRM, CMS, dashboards, and business portals.

Today, the top companies like Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Crunchbase, and several others have a Ruby on Rails solution, which marks similarities just like enterprise solutions.

Ruby on Rails Enterprise Software Development for SaaS projects

A popular type of enterprise app is SaaS(Software-As-A-Service) products. These are software that is offered to other companies as a service.

Shopify, GitHub, and Zendesk are the three most popular examples of Ruby on Rails web application development in the SaaS industry. SaaS products are complex and require extensive coding and deliberate technology stacks to become successful.

Ruby on Rails is the perfect solution for SaaS projects as it offers the simplicity and extensibility needed to create a full-fledged solution. It has the tools and resources to build a solution that can easily be offered to other partners.

Today, SaaS products are the long game for enterprises when it comes to revenue generation. Estimates say that the SaaS industry is worth around $170 billion, and it has grown over 500% in the last 7 years. Therefore, the need for a technology like Ruby on Rails is imminent. Companies hire Ruby on Rails developers with an underlying SaaS requirement, which they then convert into a fully-functioning solution.

Let us look at how Ruby on Rails is useful for enterprise applications other than Ruby on Rails.

Why choose Ruby on Rails for Enterprise App Development

Enterprise applications are complex and require a lot of coding and functionality addition. Therefore, a technology that is simple can make the task easier, while eliminating any confusion from the complex coding project.

Ruby on Rails app development is the answer to simplifying the complexities in the enterprise application development process. It offers the best of both worlds – speed and features.

Here are a few reasons that make Ruby on Rails development services perfect for enterprise applications:

  1. Rapid prototyping
    • Today, almost every company wants to go digital. However, the speed at which they transform leads to losses.
    • Ruby on Rails is a technology that is known for its rapid prototyping capabilities. Sometimes also known as “The Startup Technology,” Rails enables enterprises to launch their prototype in a couple of weeks.
    • The speed at which companies launch the product also gives them a competitive advantage. The faster they can have a solution to streamline their operations, the quicker they can move towards their desired revenue goals.
  2. Consistent development
    • Another benefit of using Ruby on Rails for enterprise applications is that it offers consistency in code. The principle of convention over configuration governs the entire development process, which ensures that every developer who works on the project knows what is going on.
    • Even when new developers join the enterprise application development project, they know where to begin the work. The code is really simple and consistent with all the functionalities needed to run the application.
    • Consistency also allows the enterprise to have several independent teams on the same project. Therefore, when there is a large project that needs to be taken care of, enterprises can deploy teams without any hesitation.
  3. Scalable application
    • When the enterprise is huge, the application needs to be scalable. What happens when the company is growing and wants to scale its application so that other team members can use the solution?
    • Ruby on Rails web development services are highly scalable as the framework can handle a massive number of queries and instances with ease. With Rails, enterprises can develop an application that accommodates 10,000 to 100,000 users at once.
    • The framework is highly powerful in terms of scaling. It is used in the development of Shopify, which claims that it has over 300,000 active users that utilize the platform to create their online stores.
  4. Ready made functions
    • Also known as RubyGems, these plugins or modules reduce the development time twofold. RubyGems are readymade functions that eliminate the need to write the code from scratch.
    • There is a RubyGem for almost everything. From testing the code to integrating the payment gateway in an application, RubyGems can do almost everything. They are powerful and can handle tons of requests at once.
    • There are over 133,000 RubyGems in the repositories that developers can use and implement in the enterprise application. The Rails community constantly updates the RubyGems and adds new ones to ensure that development becomes seamless and hassle-free. This brings us to the final point of why to use Ruby on Rails enterprise development.
  5. Massive community
    • Ruby on Rails has a huge community of developers. There are over 6,000 active contributors to the framework who constantly update it and provide the best solutions for creating enterprise applications.
    • The community is available to offer all the documentation, support, and assistance on different projects. Rails developers are easily available, and they provide services at an affordable price. A Ruby on Rails custom software development service provider is one of the cheapest ways to get the solution for your enterprise.
    • The community keeps on growing as new developers add to it everyday. There are hundreds of micr communities that are evolving, enabling Rails developers to get all the help they need.

Wrapping Up

Ruby on Rails is one of the best technologies to create enterprise applications. As we saw, it simplifies the complex task of coding and leads to faster development of products. Also, it has pre-built modules that reduce the effort to write the code from scratch. There is a massive community that is growing and continues to evolve. The future of Ruby on Rails looks bright as it has everything that an enterprise might need for its solutions.


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